Half the truth is often a great lie.


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《参考消息》对美国媒体未做改动的是“崛起的霸权”以及“经济大国”。改动的称呼有三个:首先是将the Middle Kingdom (中央帝国)改为“中国” 其次将the region’s powerhouse China(地区强权国家中国)改为“中国”,最后是将An insecure or weak leadership 改成“中国政府”。尽管外国人有时将中国说成中央帝国,但“中央帝国”有时是负面的,美国媒体将the Middle Kingdom 与 tributary State相对照,强调中国会邪恶地成为細,然后将东南亚国家变成他的附属国。

原文: The more that China gets away with intimidating or interfering with its neighbors, the more other disruptive regimes, such as North Korea’s, will be emboldened to do the same. The result is to increase the slow destabilization of the region and to make it much harder for, liberal nations to agree to play by international rules. (Wall Street Journal, June 5, 2011)

原文: Singed by the dragon

(Wall Street Journal April 1, 2011)

原文: Appeasing a rising hegemony carries a risk that one’s national interest will disappear down its maw.

(Wall Street Journal, June 10, 2011)译文:向一个崛起的霸权让步会带来本国利益被吞噬的危险。

原文:Most ASEAN members realized that this smile could quickly turn nasty once China labeled the South China Sea as a “core interest.” Unless they negotiated as a group, the Middle Kingdom would pick them off one by one and reconstruct the tributary-state system of imperial times.


原文:This is the increasingly unconvincing diplomatic default setting of an economic giant that is unable to exercise proportionate strategic leverage in its oven region. (Wall Street Journal, June 6, 2011)


原文:Philippine President Benigno Aquino III Tuesday pushed other Southeast Asian nations meeting here in Cambodia to adopt a common stand on negotiating the flash point issue of territorial rights to the resource-rich South China Sea before bringing the region’s powerhouse, China, into the discussions.

译文:菲律宾总统阿基诺3日呼吁东盟峰会其他与会东南亚国家在南中国海领土争议问题上采取统一立场,之后再与中国进行磋商。原文:An insecure or weak leadership may try to buttress its position by pushing its claims even further and harassing its neighbors.

译文:中国政府可能会进一步提出领土主张并骚扰邻国,借以巩固自身地位。原文:Vietnam perceives China as an irredentist and expansionist power. It recently has increased coordination, military and diplomatic, with nations that also see China as a threat, to hedge against its neighbor.


参考消息译法:Reed Bank, (礼乐滩) The semi-submerged islands and reefs of the South China Sea (especially the Spratly Islands and the Paracels) (南中国海,斯普拉特利群岛,即我南沙群岛,本报注), Pagasa, a Philippine-controlled island in the Spratlys (斯普拉特里群岛中由菲律宾控制的帕加萨岛,即我中业岛,本报注)。

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